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Freelance Translator – German – Global

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Location:  Global B.V., part of (Nasdaq:PCLN), owns and operates™, one of the world's leading online hotel reservations agencies, by room nights sold. Our website attracts millions of unique visitors each month, from both the leisure and the business markets worldwide. We are currently looking for freelance translators, who can translate hotel and travel-related texts from English into German for our website. You will be required to take an unpaid translation test of around 300 words, as is standard in the freelance translation industry. This test is aimed at assessing your translation capabilities in the target language and will not be used for our website. Requirements
  • Native level of German;
  • Able and willing to translate a minimum of 10.000 words per week;
  • High level of English;
  • Experience in translating texts from English into German;
  • Experience in using CAT tools;
  • Uninterrupted internet access;
  • Able to apply received feedback.
  • Willingness to take an unpaid translation test of around 300 words. Your test translation will not be used on our website;
  • Proof of self-employment and/or all required tax documentation - precedence will be given to candidates who are available immediately and able to provide proof of self-employment and/or tax documentation within 48 hours;
  • Experience in translating and localisation of texts in such fields as: Hotels, Destinations and regional content, Travel, Marketing and advertisement, and Websites;
  • Experience in creative and commercial copywriting (guides, brochures, inspirational materials) is a plus;
  • Reliable, independent, professional, detail and quality-oriented, with excellent communication skills;
What we offer
  • Compensation of EUR 0.03 per word, with a sliding scale depending on the percentage of the translation memory match. Please note that these rates are fixed and non-negotiable.
  • Prompt payment and self-billing invoicing;
  • Extensive translation resources;
  • Free translation system – no need to purchase additional software;
  • Comprehensive administrative and technical support;
  • Potential long-term cooperation;
  • A paid probation period to coach you in’s writing style and to evaluate your translation potential;
  • Detailed feedback on the quality of your work.
  • Work with as freelancer is a complete enjoyable experience. You are able to manage your own working time, choose your favorite working environment, enjoy total freedom. As a freelancer, you are not working alone, because you can ask for help at any moment when you are in doubt, from freelancing team and translation team. You are not just doing translation, but at the same time "traveling" around the world through different hotels. If you are fed up with office working environment, come to join as a freelancer, you will gain flexible working environment, income to support family and support from friendly employees.


    freelance translator (Chinese) in Global Translations

  • Even though I’m working from home, I feel part of a team. I have learned so much working as a freelance Dutch translator for The translation team provides regular feedback on my translation work, which is really valuable and helps me to keep growing as a translator and stay connected. With the use of an up-to-date glossary and clear instructions on how to make the most of the translation program, I’m able to create the best translations I possibly can. Having as one of my main clients has been rewarding on many levels and it will continue to be the company I’m excited to work for.


    freelance translator (Dutch) in Global Translations

  • Flexibly traveling around the world from home! Working with means flexible-in-time and lots of fun! I can plan my weekly schedule for myself and make the most of days, without sacrificing time with my family and friends. Of course, good time-management skill is required. The fun part is that I work while hopping cities all over the world on my computer. It is really exciting, and makes me more enthusiastic for translation. The team members are incredible friendly, super encouraging, and really supportive, carrying full of comfortable atmosphere. This is an extra big point for me to work with!


    freelance translator (Japanese) in Global Translations

  • The freedom to work whenever and wherever you are, so that there’s more time for the important things in life. Working as a freelance translator for is a great gift. It enables me to break free from the nine to five constraints and puts at my disposal more time and flexibility, which I can then spend with my kids or invest in any of my many other pursuits. The professional tools, training and support provided by the in-house teams facilitate a smooth, no nonsense work experience. Whether I am at home, on the train, in a café or even abroad, I just open the browser and resume my translation.


    freelance translator (Hebrew) in Global Translations

  • I love working for, it is an everyday challenge in terms of target, cultural background, reliability and cooperation. As freelancer, in these years I have appreciated the carefulness of the team behind this big brand, always available and ready to solve any matter, and to give the right tools to grow as translator. It seems that you are alone in front of your PC screen, but that’s not true!


    freelance translator (Italian) in Global Translations

  • A professional opportunity not to be missed. Starting my work relationship with marked the beginning of my professional career as a freelance translator. After almost four years, I am greatly honoured to work for an industry-leader company which enjoys worldwide recognition. Furthermore, the regular feedback from the Content Department, the flexible working hours and the possibility of handling a word volume which can be adapted according to our availability make it a very interesting cooperation. Certainly, a highly recommended employment opportunity.


    freelance translator (Spanish) in Global Translations

  • Working as a freelance translator for is a unique experience. It gives me an appropriate level of independence and flexibility, while at the same time providing a sense of stability, which is very valuable and uncommon under self-employment. I feel that the company values long-term cooperation in return for commitment and responsible approach to clearly defined expectations and requirements. This ensures good relations and results in excellent cooperation! I can definitely recommend as a reliable and responsible employer.


    freelance translator (Polish) in Global Translations

  • I enjoy working with as a freelance translator especially because of the reliability of the company. In case of questions you quickly get useful information and answers. And of course, translating hotel descriptions is much more interesting and appealing than for example contracts and technical manuals.


    freelance translator (German) in Global Translations

  • I would not say that I was working with as much as I was part of it. As a freelancer I felt the integrity of being part of this amazing team of translators, who are willing to take a step ahead and convey their knowledge of language into an experience that other people can enjoy. Two years already passed, and whenever I encountered any difficulty the network of administrators were so generous in offering their guidance and advice. I am very thankful for being part of, a unique atmosphere that carries you straight to Amsterdam!


    freelance translator (Arabic) in Global Translations

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