Job Summary● Works autonomously with data scientists and / or business stakeholder. Proactivelysuggests ways of achieving team objectives.● Actively participates in analytics, business and/or product team activities (standup, planningmeeting, retrospectives). Expected to be networking within and outside the department.● Leads and supports the data initiatives for reporting & business intelligence. Thinks aboutfuture needs and prepares for it.● Works within team of other reporting analysts or data scientists or on project base with abusiness team. Cross departmental or company project base work is expected.● Delivers actionable analyses or reports and helps on prioritising according to an ROI.● Delivers a data-infrastructure that is in line with reporting requirements and business needs.● Provides training / learning on new business dynamics, tools and data● Expected to get significant deep knowledge about the operational, tactical and strategicworkings of the department. Has a main focus on business and technical opportunities.Expected to participate in recruitment activities for the analyst role.

Tasks & ResponsibilitiesCommunication● Collaborate and involves others to build commitment to data and analytics● Supports productivity through enthusiasm, without losing eye for a high quality data andactionable data insights● Proactively manages stakeholders across the organization at all levels (shares informationin the right medium at the right time)● Offers feedback to others, both on their strengths and their development areas● Is open to receiving feedback from others, both on strengths and development areas, toimprove own ways of working.● Stays calm when faced with a challenge or a stressful situation.

Craft● Prioritises tasks and user stories, balancing short- and long-term ROI.● Takes full ownership of data quality and user stories● Understands and effectively practices according to the Hypothesis – Test – Build cycle● Able to collect, interpret and translate data to support business decisions● Approaches impediments in a pragmatic way.● Able to identify user needs● Understands problem thoroughly before ideating solutions● Conceptual, creative and abstract thinking● Fiercely consumer focused

Commercial Awareness● Clearly explains and understands impact of analysis, data insights, KPIs to the widerbusiness● Thinks beyond known methods to achieve goals.● Able to build business cases and supporting business models● Understanding how the rest of the business (within its own department and context) works

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