As one of the largest online travel player, is ambitious to grow its business andpresence in China online travel category. Without any doubt, to grow brand presence and loveof is an integral part to the overall business success in China. Therefore, it’s criticalto build brand awareness, consideration, and key equity for, clearlycommunicating “Who we are?” and “What we can offer?” to target audience in a locallyrelevant and appealing way.As the Brand marketing platform leader, you will help designing and deploying brand marketingstrategies, plans & calendars, and initiatives based on a thorough understanding of currentbrand status and issues, target audience and major competition dynamics, upcoming targetaudience and marketing communication trends, etc.Meanwhile, it’s critical for a global brand as to ensure consistency with globalbrand proposition and brand communication ideas set in Amsterdam headquarters, whileidentifying a locally relevant and appealing way to articulate the brand message to targetaudience in China. Last but not least, has the most scientific and rigorousmarketing measurements, you will help defining and optimizing the right measurements forChina, driving full delivery on these measurements, synthesizing key learnings based oncampaign performance, and continuously optimizing upcoming brand marketing work.

● Responsibilities:➢ Support the development and implementation of brand strategies, insights and thecountry messaging framework, to communicate a compelling value proposition forcurrent and prospective users in China➢ Help developing and execute integrated and highly effective brand marketing campaigns➢ Collaborate with other platforms in Marketing, Performance Marketing, StrategicPartnership, Operations, and other functions for campaigns and plans➢ Lead the management of creative agency partners to ensure scalable marketingcapabilities in line with growth plans➢ Enable and support localization, ensuring all marketing activities feel local and personal;articulate market nuances for teams who aren’t familiar with the market➢ Understand target audience and competition dynamics supported by internal ConsumerInsight capabilities and external agency partners resource➢ Manage and track brand marketing budgets and ensure effective budget utilization➢ Ensure timely and appropriate communications and enablement on marketingprograms, campaigns and resources to internal teams and key stakeholders

➢ Help driving analytics and reporting for China brand marketing activities enabled byworking closely with the Marketing analytics & reporting team● Requirements:➢ Passionate for all things about Travel, experience using the product isdefinitely a plus➢ 8-10 years relevant work experience at brand marketing, preferably a combination ofbrand management experience in leading consumer goods and consumer internetcompanies➢ Passionate for storytelling through multiple media types, both visual and written➢ Experience building a brand’s integrated marketing presence with an exciting portfolioof past campaigns/content/creative projects – across digital marketing, experiential,offline marketing, partnerships and sponsorships➢ An integrated marketing mindset and excellent understanding of the interplay offlineand online, and paid, earned and owned channels➢ Strong agency management capabilities – primarily creative agencies➢ Excellent copywriting skills and a keen visual sense. An eye for detail and a quick wit➢ Ability to work within tight deadlines, adjust to changes in priorities, and balance shortterm needs with long term strategic initiatives➢ Experience working in fast paced global teams and communicating across nationalboundaries➢ Strong project and budget management skills, attention to detail and communicationskills➢ Knowledge of analytics, web technology, digital campaigns and strong creative andbrand strategy skills➢ Natural collaboration and bridge-building skills➢ Written and spoken language proficiency in Mandarin and English➢ The ability to work at both strategic and tactical levels – a hands on team player

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