Passions Hacked

14th - 16th of October, 2016
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Passion is everything. Whether it be a chance to hike into the clouds on some farflung slope, unleash your inner warrior or tick off the next must-do from your bucket list, we’ve all got itches that just have to be scratched. This year introduced a new way of searching, the most comprehensive its kind in the travel industry, perfectly matching people’s unique passions and interests with the best destinations and accommodations.

We’re now inviting the most passionate creative minds to help turn the web into an even more addictive and rewarding environment. Let your passion blaze a trail to Amsterdam on an all-expenses-paid trip to participate in the largest hackathon ever hosted by

The event

Passions Hacked will see 80 of the world’s brightest in back-end, front-end and mobile to put heads together and hack on our API.

From October 14 to 16, you’ll have 48 hours to unleash your inner daredevil and completely change the face of global travel. You will conceive, collaborate and create the very vanguard of the future of global travel search, and let your passion take you further.

The selection process

Ready to pack your bags for Amsterdam? First you will have to battle it out in one of our three HackerRank code sprints. If you are one of the lucky 80 participants, you will receive an invitation from us on September 1st. will cover the costs of your flight and hotel room, so your trip to Amsterdam should be smooth sailing.

Pathfinding programmers

Apply algorithms, machine learning, coding and data mining to help the world’s adventurers discover unique destinations to indulge in their favourite pursuits.

Fearless front-enders

Create the most sublime and interactive experiences to allow in trepid explorers find the perfect locations to follow their own passions.

Mobile explorers

Find innovative ways to build a solid mobile experience and open up the world for all the world’s most daring adventurers.

For more information on the event you can email