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High Potential

February 11th, by Ash Rajawat
My Grad Journey: From Amsterdam to Dubai
December 03rd, by Oscar Marginean
Learning the Ropes

The selection process

The hiring process

The process

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Graduate software developer

The developer track

Graduate web designer

The front-end developer/designer track

Other tech roles

The other tech roles track

Graduate product owner

The product owner track

Graduate hotels

The commercial/support track
September 23rd, by Ines Kissany
3 Simple Truths I’ve Learned as a Recruitment Intern
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"As a grad you get to work on so many different projects, all affecting millions of users. You get the keys to the castle, the kind of responsibility that you’ll struggle to find anywhere else."
Vladimir Orekhov
- Graduate Software Developer
"The best part of being a grad at is that you learn a lot about the business side of technical decisions and get exposed to different aspects of the system and the company."
Hadeer Younis
- Graduate Software Developer
"If you like travel, technology and a place to be yourself, the Graduate Program is the platform to propel your future!"
Ash Rajawat
- Graduate Partner Services

The perfect match

Our ideal profile for the Graduate Program

Passionate. About working in a large e-commerce organization.

Proactive. Gets things done, able to influence others.

Skillful. Strong analytical, communication and problem solving skills.

Agile. A quick learner who drives change through experimentation.

Data driven. All our decisions are driven by facts.

Relevant knowledge. A maximum of 2-3 years working experience.