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Customer Service at

Work with great people and deliver world class service to our customers.

We need great Customer Service people in offices all over the world.

We provide the best Customer Service in the world to every customer and accommodation involved in the experience. At all Customer Service departments are in-house. Currently well over 3.500 people work in Customer Service and we have offices in Amsterdam city center , Amsterdam SloterdijkBerlin (2x), Barcelona, Cambridge, Grand Rapids, Singapore, Lille, Orlando, Seattle, Shanghai and Tokyo. From these offices we help our customers whenever they need us, mostly in their own language.

We offer a chance to work with the best team of customer service people, a competitive salary, lots of training and great opportunities for personal and career progression within our fast growing company. You get to work in an international, vibrant and open atmosphere. We work hard to reach targets, but play hard too.

  • Just want to say how proud I am of the superb job the customer service executives do: helping customers in 42 languages, 24/7. Keep it up! #thankyou #goodjob #customercomesfirst


    Customer Service Mascot in

  • I used to be very shy and quiet. Everyone’s so open and inviting here. has helped me to get out of my shell. #newme #shynomore #thanksbooking

    Michelle Mavima

    Customer Service Executive in Grand Rapids

  • People told me I wouldn't find a job in Berlin unless I ‘reconsidered my appearance’. accepted me unconditionally. I finally feel like I belong. I’ve found a family. #comeasyouare

    Stani Taoush

    Customer Service Executive in Berlin

  • Tripping on hearing Arabic spoken in 22 different accents every day. #lovethediversity

    Firas Arab

    Customer Service Executive in Barcelona

  • When first started it only had one hotel partner — and it took ages before the first room was booked. Now we have over 600,000 properties! #amazinggrowth #gobooking

    Antoine Hani

    Senior Customer Service Executive in Orlando

  • Working with has given me the chance to work with the best colleagues ever!!! Every day I come to work, I have the privilege to 'travel' anywhere, anytime in the world to help our customers!! New challenges, new goals, new laughs and personal rewards every single day! That is my!!

    Alejandro Ravelo Caballero

    Customer Service Executive in Amsterdam

  • The funniest story I remember is when I had a phone call from a lady asking to reinstate her booking while her husband was on the phone with my colleague sitting next to me asking to keep the booking cancelled. We could also hear them arguing over the phone.

    Raouf Nasr

    Customer Service Executive in Lille

  • Taking care of the customers and help them having the best experience is the part I like the most in my job. The environment, when you arrive in our office you can feel in the air an easygoing atmosphere and people smiling and being positive. takes care about the employees and the rest of the world as well with the Cares project.

    Anna Villa Adalid

    Customer Service Executive in Barcelona

  • Nothing expands a person’s world quite like traveling and working with gives me a chance every day to expand the world for one person at a time. I feel empowered by to provide real solutions to our guests and accommodation partners to meet their needs. Grand Rapids is very homogenous but our office is full of different languages and people from every part of the globe. It’s exciting to feel like I’m part of a team that really does represent everyone and that serves anyone. Every one of us is different, but we’re all working toward the same goals.

    Garrett Imhoff

    Customer Service Department in Grand Rapids

  • I like my team, it is so international and all are helpful, we are all like a small family which is very important on daily basis. The good thing is that we are in the middle of the capitol City of Germany which is multicultural and everyone can find something for himself. The best thing for me is that we are growing so fast. We can easily say that we are almost everywhere and we are simply the best with all what we are doing.

    Malgorzata Pradelska-Bania

    Customer Service Executive in Berlin

  • I like the stability of my job and the opportunities the company offer. I like that people get recognized for the good job they provide.
    The best story I heard about is that when the company first started we only had one hotel partner and it took a long while to have the first room booked and now we have well over 540,000 properties and the company just hit a new record of daily bookings.

    Antoine Hani

    Customer Service Department in Orlando in Orlando

  • I love the diversity which can be found within our company culture. I am both proud and excited to know that we have service teams which span the globe, and can service our customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The working environment really makes the world seem like a global village. Our job may seem very ordinary, but I am always happy when we help drive positive resolutions for our customers, with wonderful team members that always help each other out. I am excited about how my career path will unfold at”

    Heng Ma

    Customer Service Executive in Seattle

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