Join us on an alphabetical journey through the world of and find out more about what we do and how we do it.

Amsterdam. The capital of the Netherlands and’s hometown.

Bias to insource. Some companies outsource departments such as Customer Service. We prefer to keep as much as possible in-house.

Customer. Everything is done in service of getting it right for the customer. We aim to produce the best possible experience, with the greatest selection of accommodation options, the smoothest, most intuitive process, and the greatest customer service.

Values Keep the customer

Data-driven. All our decisions are driven by facts. We follow and anticipate the behaviour of our customers.

Ego. At, there is no room for big egos. Everyone works towards the same goals.

Fail harder. When trying new things, there will be failures, of course. We choose to see these as valuable learning experiences.

Get things done. The online world moves fast. And we need to move fast with it. One of our strengths lies in rapid execution, and an ability to get fast results. The faster we execute, the faster we learn, and the faster we improve.

Hackathon. Every month we hack for coffee, bacon and glory.

Innovation. Bring on the good ideas! If we test it, and it works, we’ll go ahead and implement your idea.

Jeans. There is no need for suits.

Kindness. Kindness to each other, kindness to our partners and kindness to our customers.

Learn. Take up that new challenge, go on a training, share with your colleagues. Make every day a learning experience.

Milking the cows. Work on the daily tasks that need doing first. Once everything is under control, that’s when you can innovate.

No-nonsense. A very attitude.

Open to change. We’re not afraid of other perspectives and fresh ideas, and the best outcomes result from robust discussion and diversity of thought.


Priceline. The US-based parent company of

Quote. “Be yourself, everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

Reviews. Our website is powered by over 70 million of them, all written by guests after their stay.

Scalable. As an international company, new ideas have to work globally as well as locally. If something is adopted in Amsterdam, it also has to be useful in Jeddah, Kuta, Zagreb and everywhere in between. Otherwise, it’s back to the drawing board.

Formula_Globally scalable

Travel. Our mission is to help people experience the world. We love travel.

User testing. Something we do all the time. Get someone, give them a computer, and let them book a hotel room. What works, what doesn’t?

Value. We believe that every employee can add his unique value to the company, just by being himself.

Workhorses. You can achieve a lot by hard work. At, we’re more about the content and the substance than the form.

X-factor. Do you need special qualities to work here? Being open-minded, keen to learn, eager, internationally-oriented and not afraid of change is very handy.

You. What we need to be successful.

Zzzz Our main business: we sell a good night’s sleep in accommodations across the planet.