Mumbai is a place of colours and contrasts. From skyscrapers to the streets, all walks of life blend together in the city’s urban swirl.

This vividness and diversity are at the heart of’s new office, right in the middle of Mumbai’s business district. The design pays homage to some of the city’s defining cultural markers, from Bollywood to cricket, from teapots to rickshaws.

Our 50 employees have the chance to work in open spaces adorned with traditional weave patterns, elegant Hindi lettering and bespoke chai glassware – all designed to celebrate Mumbai’s rich cultural tapestry, and to encourage a sense of belonging to this vibrant city.

Take a tour of this brand-new workspace, full of exciting imagery and quirky surprises.

All aboard. For a workspace with a difference, hop into the colourful rickshaw, a nod to Mumbai’s most popular form of transport.


With industrial-chic décor topped off with a rickshaw and ping pong table, our cafeteria is the perfect place for a quiet moment’s work.


Local design meets global ambition in our meeting rooms, which combine the aesthetic of containers with the beauty of traditional Mumbai patterns.


Blast off. Our 50 employees work next to inspirational images of local heroes like cricketing legend, Sachin Tendulkar.


Attention to detail. All the design in our Mumbai office is intricately rendered, like the interlocking patterns painted on the rickshaw.


New lease of life. The meeting rooms are set in repurposed containers, a nod to some of Mumbai’s modern housing solutions.


And breathe. Comfortable sofas and a plant wall provide a fresh, relaxing break-out space.


At, we love travel. It’s a passion that’s reflected in the meeting rooms in Mumbai, where the walls feature travel photos snapped by employees.


Take a seat. You’ll find all kinds of sit-down areas designed to encourage open and productive conversations.


If you like what you see and want to join a company that cares about its workspaces as much as we do, take a look at our latest job openings.