If you’ve ever wondered just what it is Team Leads get up to everyday, you’ll want to read on. We chatted to Marlon Stewart – Customer Service Team Lead in London – about what a typical day entails. Let’s just say, he’s kept pretty busy.

“Essentially my role is to give them the support they need”

 I manage a team of fantastic agents, and essentially my role is to give them the support they need. This includes helping them with their personal development. If one of my team has an interview for a new role or they’re taking on new training, I’m there to provide whatever assistance I can (even if that means staying late or arriving early).

I monitor absences and sick-leave every day, and also help agents with their holidays, shift swapping and general queries (which can be pretty much anything). I also take care of performance and development plans for the team, and carry out call evaluations – so I can give feedback and provide guidance. Every month, each agent has a one-to-one with me, so they can give me feedback, discuss any issues and talk about the future. I use these one-to-ones, not only to find out how my team is doing, but also to motivate and encourage.

“I prefer friendly chats, rather than formal conversations”

Of course, mine isn’t the only team, so I do floor walks every day too, which helps me get to know other agents in other teams. I prefer friendly chats, rather than formal conversations with agents – whether they’re in my team or another – I find they’re a much better way of learning how people are doing and what I can do to help. In between all this, I do picklist to help reduce the backlog. At least, I try to as often as I can.

And then there are the regular team lead meetings. These are almost always focused on the best ways to improve on our KPIs and keep agents happy (believe it or not, this is usually priority number one). We also discuss our teams’ roles in the wider company plan, try to figure out how to keep everyone motivated, and map-out things like incentives, ice-breaker games and performance spreadsheets.

“Honestly, the life of a Team Lead is really all about the agents”

For me, the biggest challenge is not managing KPIs or monitoring performance, it’s about making sure every member of my team gets the attention needed. It’s about helping them with their goals and development – because that’s what Booking is all about. It’s not always easy, but every time an agent hits a target, achieves a goal or even finds a new role they love, that’s my reward. And I wouldn’t change it. Honestly, the life of a team lead is really all about the agents.


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