One of our most cherished values at is that diversity gives us strength. We’ve brought together some of the greatest minds to connect, learn, and change the way travelers experience the world. We know that our diversity fuels innovation and we always champion different perspectives. So we’ve asked three of our designers to share what diversity means to them and how it impacts their work.

Meredith Ragsdale, Senior Team Lead – Development

Diversity represents both beauty and strength to me. It allows for creativity and collaboration between those that would not normally collaborate. It creates an energy that can be seen all over, in every department and every team, and is unlike anywhere I have worked in the past. Without diversity would not be as strong as it is today, it’s just that simple.

Erin Weigel, Senior Designer

One definition of diversity that really excels at is educational diversity. In our tech department, we don’t just have people with “typical” credentials, because we’re a performance and ability-based culture. One of my favourite quotes is, “Don’t tell me what you know, show me what you can do.” At, we have an architect who started as a customer service representative, became a QA specialist, and is now a front-end dev. We have a land surveyor, scuba diving instructor who served in the military, then took up a job in marketing and is now a copywriter. I also fall into this educational diversity category as a trained fine-art painter, a flight attendant turned toy store sales and marketing manager who eventually joined as a UX designer/dev and evolved into a product owner.

Tassia Pellegrini, Designer

I start my day speaking English. I then switch to a few words in Russian, when suddenly someone greets me in Portuguese. At lunch I hear stories about living in India, and how the weather in Egypt is similar to Brazil. Later in the day I might have a meeting to discuss new LGBT initiatives and other ways to make an even more inclusive place. Everyone here comes with their own particularities and cultural background and they feel free to be who they are. This is the special ingredient that makes a great place to work. It also helps us build better products for our users and drives us to innovate.