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We want to be the best team of motivated and skilled people in the industry. Over 135 nationalities are employed at We are a melting pot of people from all over the world working together. Employees are encouraged to develop their own talents. We have a variety of trainings and other methods within our University program to help to do just that.

  • Thinking of how I started off here in 2007. Loved the atmosphere immediately and spent much of that first year walking along a line of laptops, manually creating Google ads one by one. How times have moved on! #backintheday #progress

    James Waters

    Marketing Innovation Manager in Amsterdam

  • A hotel partner has just started to receive bookings and is as excited about as I am. #happycustomers #ilovebookingdotcom

    Julie Jackson

    Account Management Strategic Partnerships in San Francisco

  • Getting together to connect and relax with colleagues after a week’s hard work — that’s what Freaky Friday is all about! A true tradition right from the start. #takeabreak #perksofthejob #bookingculture #together

    Gillian Tans

    Chief Operating Officer in Amsterdam

  • I don’t tell people what to do, I just give people resources to go and figure out what they need to do themselves. And I try to let the teams have fun. #empowerment #companyculture #leadership

    Darren Huston

    CEO in Amsterdam

  • A hotel partner told me he no longer needs to pay for marketing. Since being online, he’s had loads of customers write about his hotel. #happycustomer #happyme #ilovebookingdotcom

    Sarah Gasem

    Senior Coordinator Hotel in Jeddah

  • When first started it only had one hotel partner — and it took ages before the first room was booked. Now we have over 600,000 properties! #amazinggrowth #gobooking

    Antoine Hani

    Senior Customer Service Executive in Orlando

  • How on earth did people reserve hotels in foreign lands where they didn’t speak English? Thanks to, travelling around the world has never been easier! Humbled to be part of this online global revolution. #bookingimpact #innovation

    Anna Krasilnikova

    Coordinator Hotels in Athens

  • Good memories as employee #1 in 1999: would fax hotels, jump on my bike and hand the reservations over in person. Did everything from account management, reservations, customer service, credit control, IT, to making lunch

    Martin Lamme

    Manager Accommodation Service in Amsterdam

  • It took me three months to decide to hire the first employee. I still see it as one of the biggest steps the company ever made. It was not 'I' anymore; from that moment on, it was 'we'. (In the photo you see our first homepage)

    Geert-Jan Bruinsma

    Founder & Product Owner in Amsterdam

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Our People

Over 8,600 people with 135+ nationalities are dedicated to serving’s customers and partners.
Our IT teams take care of creating a perfect shopping experience for our customers. Our Account Management and Content teams work from local support offices with our property partners to support transparency, availability, and best pricing for all our customers. Our multilingual Customer Service team provides 24/7 dedicated assistance and advocacy to make sure our customers’ stays meet or exceed their expectations.

Our offices

We are truly global. Founded in 1996 we grew from 1 office in Amsterdam to 155 offices in 63 countries.

Our accommodations

We tell the world about great places to stay
We show properties in a way that is relevant to guests around the world, in up to 42 languages. We also market these property on search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo to sell more rooms and increase accommodation's revenue!


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